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Cancer, heart disease, stroke, stomach ailments, and constipation are things that unfortunately affect many people around the world. If you are struggling with any one of these things, there is a great amount of hope. One vegetable that is so overlooked, yet so powerful, can help reduce symptoms, if not outright prevent these ailments. What vegetable is that? The carrot. Even better than eating carrots is being able to take them with you on the go. Drinking a bottle of carrot juice per day can have tremendous benefits for your body and health. 24 Karrot carrot juice is made in Costa Rica and is the best tasting carrot juice around. Because of the altitude in which the carrots are grown, they are sweeter than most other carrots. The higher the altitude the sweeter they get. Our carrot farms are in between 4000-6000 feet providing the some of sweetest carrots in the world. Once they are picked they are instantly taken to be made in a pulp and later into a tasty 100% natural juice.

For being such a common vegetable the history and claims of carrots are legendary. The carrot has existed for over 5000 years dating back to Asian and Middle Eastern cultures. The carrot as we know it today was much actually different in the past until about 500 years ago. You may be interested to know that carrots grow in all sorts of colors and that the orange carrot that we have today was a hybrid of sorts when a mutant yellow carrot was combined with the more common red carrots at the time. Dutch agricultural scientists were responsible for this in the 15th century and they also added much of the sweetness that is found in the carrot as well. The carrot was then nationalized in honor of the House of Orange, the Dutch Royal Family, and the rest is as they say history. More common colors of carrots throughout history are white, green, red, purple, yellow and even black.

24 Karrot Carrot Juice

The BENEFITS OF CARROT JUICE are so important to your health that if you want to be free of sickness and have a strong immune system, you must start incorporating carrot juice into your diet. 24 Karrot Carrot Juice not only provides all of the nutrients in carrots but it is easy and convenient to drink. You can easily bring a bottle with you to work and have it for a snack during the day. Many people nowadays believe that drinking carrot juice actually helps to concentrate and make the nutrients more available and absorbable for the body. If drinking carrot juice isn’t convincing enough, the best part about it is the price. Since the carrots are grown, harvested and made into pulp in Costa Rica, the cost is much less than almost all of our competitors. Some competitors carrot juices are 2-3 dollars per bottle, while the cost of ours is $1.60 per bottle, bringing you a healthy and affordable powerhouse of nutrients. We also offer even greater discounts to those who wish to distribute or buy our carrot juice wholesale.

Contact us today and we can also do private labeling for those that wish to market their own carrot juice. We also have carrot juice mixed with other great natural fruits like mango, orange, and pineapple, which are extremely delicious. With the amount of carrots we have in our farms, we can produce up to 37,000 bottles of carrots juice per month! We seriously hope that the next time you think about picking up a Coke or Pepsi (which are loaded with toxins) that you will consider drinking a bottle of natural carrot juice instead. We guarantee you will love our 24 Karrot Carrot Juice, and we look forward to hearing from you in regards to the benefits you are receiving as a result. 24 Karrot carrot juice is a great supplement to your diet, and a great addition on the road to a healthy lifestyle.