Noni Benefits

Below are five different pages that explore the many different health benefits of noni juice. These pages delve further into the unique aspects of the Noni fruit and the amazing health benefits that this exotic fruit offers. Please click on any one of the underlined links below to find out more about each person or benefit that noni juice has to offer.

1. One of the most powerful benefits of noni is found in monumental research done on PROXERONINE & XERONINE by Dr. Ralph Heinicke. He was the first scientist to discover proxeronine and started to understand the benefits that it has on the body. It is something that is needed on the very basic levels of all human life and is essential for numerous bodily functions. If this were the only benefit of noni, it would be enough, however; there are many others that we are going to consider on this page. Dr. Heinicke continues to study the effects of this fruit on the human body and you can read more about his story and how his research has made such a positive impact on the overall image of Noni.

2. Another pioneer with regards to Noni is DR. NEIL SOLOMON, who is the author of The Noni Phenomenon. He has been instrumental in being able to back up scientifically many of the health benefits of noni through research performed on over 10,000 people that were taking Noni for various ailments and conditions. Noni was proven effective up to 78% of the time in people wrestling with over 20 different types of ailments ranging from allergies all the way over to diabetes and high blood pressure. After this study he has continued his efforts and has continued to find health benefits to noni that seem to grow even moreso now. If you are serious about learning about the benefits of noni, then you must read all of the literature that Dr. Solomon has written.

3. One of the amazing benefits to noni juice is the working of NITRIC OXIDE & POLYSACCHARIDES within the body. Nitric Oxide is necessary in the body for fighting pain, improving blood circulation, and can help with weight loss by stimulating mitochondria’s that turn food and oxygen into energy. Basically without the production of this, life would cease to exist and its production is vitally important for the health of our bodies. Noni helps to stimulate the production of Nitric Oxide. With regards to polysaccharides, they are necessary so that the immune system is stimulated to be able to fight against viruses, parasites, bacteria, toxins and many other things that seek to harm us. We are able to fight against all these because noni helps to give us a boost with regards to polysaccarides. These two aspects alone and the health benefits they offer are potent.

4. Detailed on this page is a list of amazing NUTRIENTS found in noni with the health benefits they offer to the body. Many obscure nutrients are found within noni that play a special role in health. For example, the enzyme scopoletin is a natural analgesic, which can bring pain relief to hurting joints, muscles and areas. It also acts as a blood pressure regulator. So if you pressure is high, it will lower it; if it is low, it will help to raise it naturally. Many other things such as scopoletin are found within noni that offer amazing health benefits.

5. Lastly, we have the list of 150+ NUTRACEUTICALS/PHYTOCHEMICALS that are found in noni. For those of you who are interested in seeing the names of all these peculiar elements, this page is for you. Scientists have identified over 1,000 of these phytochemicals now and are discovering in some cases that their functions are more powerful than even vitamins. This is saying a lot and there is still much to be done with regards to this kind of investigation. Being one of the most amazing foods on this planet noni juice offers massive health benefits. We encourage you to take a look at each on of the above pages to become even more familiar with the health benefits of noni and how they can change your life.