Does Noni Juice Cure Cancer?

Perhaps you have heard before that Noni Juice cures cancer. Is that really true?! Does Noni Juice really cure cancer?! Is this rumor really true? Do we have a scientific breakthrough? Many people who have struggled through cancer have looked for alternative health supplements and cures for cancer. Are they out there? Yes, I truly believe they are, but by law we can say that there are, nor mention them as cures on this site. However, the question here is “Does Noni cure cancer?” You may be disappointed, but the truth is that Noni Juice DOES NOT cure cancer. But that is only one half of the answer. Please stay with me here for the rest of the answer!

So what does Noni juice do then? What is the basis behind the question that Noni Juice may cure cancer? I think many people nowadays still believe that we get cancer from external sources, like saying smoking. I think smoking contributes to the rise of cancer, but doesn’t cause it. Research lately has been moving in a different direction and it is the belief now that cancer is present in our bodies at all times, even from when we are very young. Cancer is not caused necessarily by external things. You may be now asking…what a minute… then what causes cancer?! The answer is our own bodies. We literally produce cancerous cells in our bodies every day. And for most of our lives our own body’s immune system constantly kills and disables cancer within us. Our body is fighting cancer right now within every one of us. So what happen to those that actually “get” cancer?

In a book entitled “Flood your body with Oxygen” by Ed Mccabe, he says that ultimately toxicity is the cause of disease in our bodies. Even more simply, toxins buildup in our bodies everyday from the things we are exposed too and finally there comes a point in our lives when our immune system can no longer fight and keep down disease due to toxicity buildup. When this happens our bodies get disease. That may be any kind of disease, but one which has become very common unfortunately is cancer. So toxicity buildup in our bodies eventually becomes so prevalent that the body’s immune system can no longer keep cancerous cells in check.

Please take a moment and think about all of the toxins that can build up in our bodies on a daily basis. You wake up in the morning and the first thing you do is shower. You wash your hair with shampoo. Did you even wonder what all those ingredients are in shampoo? Well, basically toxins. Look on the bottle, I can’t even pronounce half the things that are in shampoo. I wouldn’t eat that stuff, but yet through the skin, the largest organ in the body, those toxins are absorbed, and eventually can have a profound effect on our health. Next you put on conditioner – TOXINS. Deodorant – TOXINS. Did you know that men are getting cancer in their breast area how too? Makes you wonder about the deodorant you use. Cologne or perfume – TOXINS. You brush your teeth – TOXINS in the toothpaste. Mouthwash – TOXINS. Makeup – TOXINS. Shaving cream – TOXINS. So basically we wake up and before we get to work, we have literally subjected our bodies to TONS of toxins. What happens after the body can’t get rid of the toxins anymore and they have built up too much inside of us? You get disease!! Not to mention, the toxins in our food, the air your breathe (how many life in big cities with pollution), cleaning products, and the list goes on and on.

So why does NONI JUICE help fight cancer? Noni contains over 150 Nutraceuticals like minerals, vitamins and other great things that the body needs to help in the fight against toxicity and disease. It really is a miraculous fruit with so many naturally occurring things that are good for our bodies. Noni helps provide the body with what it needs to function properly. Therefore, once the body gets what it needs, the immune system can do its job and naturally fight against disease in the body. The food that we eat today is so depleted of vitamins and minerals that we need some supplements in our diet to help the body along. So, does Noni Juice cure cancer? No, but it does help the body to fight against all kinds of disease and that is what makes it an awesome product. Noni also contains other things that are not found in many foods we eat that research is starting to show help greatly in the fight against cancer and other diseases. Please check out the NONI BENEFITS to read about these fascinating things. Other great products, like the ALOE VERA, COCONUT OIL and CARROT JUICE products we sell, also have an amazing list of vitamins and minerals that also are so good for the body.

Lastly, you may be wondering like I did a while ago that if toxicity is the basic cause for disease, what can be done to remove toxins from our bodies? Great question! There is so much that can be done to restore health to our bodies and remove toxins. The first and more important thing we can do, is change our diet. What we eat has a massively profound impact on our health. I have become a believer a long ago that if we change our diets and eat more healthy, disease can be removed, lessened and even eliminated from our bodies naturally. We must first get back to more organic fruits, vegetables and whole grains. However, a therapy that I have seen work and is a basis for healthy living can be read about here. It is called GERSON THERAPY and the book is a must read by all people, whether you are struggling with a health problem or not. I also am a firm believer in oxygen therapies and the miracles Ihave seen in the fight against disease. Also, it is amazing what we have been led to believe about the oils our food is cooked in. The vegetable oils that we use today couldn’t be worse for our health!!! And on the contrary one of the most healthy oils in the world that we can use today is coconut oil.

Who is going to take charge over your health? No one but yourself. You owe it to yourself to stop believing what the world has taught you about your health and to start using products that will help you go beyond healthy!!