Ayurvedic Medicine

The first time I heard someone talk to me about oil pulling I asked, “What in the world is that?!” A couple of weeks later I mentioned this oil pulling therapy to one of my clients Mark, who is a developer and well known Hollywood film producer living here in Costa Rica. His eyebrows lifted, he got excited and his tone of voice was elevated as he began to tell me about his experiences with oil pulling therapy. He told me his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer about 20 years ago, and shortly thereafter she heard about oil pulling. So she decided to try it. Mark told me that within a couple of months of trying this very unknown therapy derived from ayurvedic medicine, that her breast cancer had disappeared! He couldn’t explain it, but attributed her recovery to oil pulling. Mark is among myriads of people that have reported similar and amazing results from oil pulling therapy.


What is Oil Pulling?

Oil pulling traces is roots back thousands of year to Ayurvedic medicine, which is a system of traditional medicine native to India (ayus = life, veda = science or “the science of life”). Ayurvedic medicine is still a very influential system of medicine in South Asia and is spreading around the world. Oil pulling or oil gargling as we know it today was reintroduced to the world by a Dr. F. Karach, MD. Dr. Karach claimed that oil pulling therapy could cure and help and wide variety of illnesses and disorders. His own personal testimony is that oil pulling therapy cured him of a chronic blood disorder that he had for 15 years and that also within 3 days his arthritis has also been cured. Since then he has used this therapy in his practice with great success.


The Method

Oil pulling consists of putting 1-2 tablespoons of vegetable oil into the mouth and swishing, pushing, pulling and drawing the oil through the teeth and NOT gargling it. The recommended time for oil pulling is 15-20 minutes. The most common oils used are sesame seed and sunflower oil, however, any vegetable oil can be used. We recommend using coconut oil due to its many health benefits. If 15-20 minutes is too long for you, please don’t give up right away as any amount of time is beneficial. Our recommendation is to do it in the shower in the morning before eating, keep a bottle of oil by the sink in the morning to remember more easily. It is recommended to also do it on an empty stomach. You can do this from 1-3 times a day, preferably before meals. To accelerate the healing process, perform 3 times per day. Some find the idea of putting oil into their mouth a little hard to stomach. I have found that where some oils can be tough to hold in the mouth for 15 minutes, some olive oils and/or palm oil are relatively mild. After 15-20 minutes have passed, DO NOT swallow the oil, as it now contains microbes, bacteria and harmful toxic waste. Spit it into the waste basket or the toilet. Rinse you mouth out thoroughly with water afterwards and you are done.


The Science Behind Ayurvedic Oil Pulling Therapy

When you search the internet for information on oil pulling, you honestly can’t find much science behind the method (as it is still relatively new), which causes some to doubt its effectiveness. However, what is most fascinating is not necessary how it works but the results and testimonies from people all over the world coveting its affectiveness. You can check out many of the health forums about oil pulling and people all over the world praise oil pulling therapy for the wonders in health improvement it has brought to their lives.

One naturopath, Dr. Bruce Fife, has researched oil pulling and has published a fascinating book called “Oil Pulling Therapy: Detoxifying and Healing the Body Through Oral Cleansing” , which is an amazing resource on oil pulling. Dr. Fife explains that oil helps acts like a cleanser, much like the oil in a car engine to keep everything running smoothly and removing harmful substances from the body. Our mouths are home to literally millions of bacteria. Build up of bacteria causes disease and infection in the body. The oil acts as a detoxifier and helps to rid the body of these disease causing bacteria. In his career as a naturopathic doctor for over 30 years, this is perhaps the most remarkable therapy he has encountered!


When Will I See Results?

Some people say that the results have been instantaneous. Minor problems have been resolved by people within days, while more serious, chronic problems can take weeks and/or months before improvement is seen. With something so inexpensive, why not do it everyday?! What do you have to lose?!

Many people go through what is known as a healing crisis when they try oil pulling. When oil pulling is performed it begins to draw out toxins that have been doing damage and have been hiding in the body. When these are brought into the bloodstream, they can actually make things a little worse before you get better. This is the body healing itself, but things can get worse before they get better. If they do get worse don’t give up, keep going and improvement will come. Once the body is cleared of these toxins, you can begin to see remarkable improvements in health. DONT GIVE UP!