Chinese Medicine is one of the oldest and most successful healing systems of medicine the world has ever known.  Perhaps you have stumbled upon this page in search of a natural health supplement that can help you with a specific health problem or symptom.  Chinese Herbal Formulas have existed for thousands of years and have been proven very effective across time to help virtually any health problem.  A Chinese herbal formula exists for almost every symptom imaginable.

When herbs are used in conjunction with Chinese food therapy, dietary and lifestyle changes and acupuncture, the results can be astounding.  Chinese medicine addresses the root cause or source of each health problem and finds a natural, non-toxic solution that works in conjunction with the body to bring about healing.  Usually, the only side effect that one will feel is feeling better and better!  If you have cancer or anemia or are just a little tired, a Chinese formula exists to help you!

Dr. Scott Graves, acupuncture physician, naturopath and owner of Costa Rican Noni can help to discover the root cause of virtually any health problem and use the tried and tested tools available in this marvelous medicine to help you heal.  Call him at 407-255-0314 for a free 15 minute no obligation consultation to see if he can help you.  He does local and phone consultations.  So if you are in the Orlando, Florida area or are out of the city, he can help you.

Browse some of the Chinese formulas here below: