Grow Your Own Aloe Vera Plant

Perhaps you have discovered the amazing health benefits of aloe vera and now you would like to have aloe vera in your own home. Planting, growing and harvesting aloe vera in your own home has never been easier and with these simple instructions below you can have your own aloe vera plants.

Aloe vera is a semi-tropical plant that is normally grown in dry and arid regions. Therefore if you plan on growing aloe indoors be sure that it is done in a dry and well sunlit place. Aloes are very succulent plants that are very easy to grow and maintain.


Buying or Propagating Aloe Vera

The first step in having aloe in your house is deciding how you would like to begin. There are 3 ways you can start with aloe. First, you can buy aloe vera seeds nowadays through the internet. This is fun because you can plant it and care for the plant from its inception. Second, aloe is propagated by offshoots or children from the mother plant (you want the female and not the male – the female is not as bitter). Simple get a baby plant from someone you know or from your local nursery. Third, you can buy a fully grown plant or maturing plant and immediately can begin to experience the wonders of this incredible plant.


Required Materials For Planting Your Own

1. A large 12″ or 18″ pot. A smaller pot can be used, however if you want the aloe to grow to its full size it is best to buy a larger pot.
2. Rich quality soil that has good drainage. You want avoid over watering aloe as to avoid root rot. It is suggested using planting stones or rocks on the bottom of your pot to ensure proper drainage.


Watering Requirements

Once your aloe is planted, you will need to maintain a good balance between not under watering or over watering. It is suggested that you water your aloe plant at least once a week. Use one or two cups of 300 milliliters at a time, which is very well drained. In hotter seasons or when there is more available sunlight, the plant can be soaked every couple of days, making sure again that it is well drained.